Wish you had more clarity on your life and career?
Wonder why you feel scattered or disconnected?
Curious when that promotion, significant other or golden opportunity will show up?

I’m Cindy, founder of Revealing Soul, and I’m here to help you receive clarity through intuitive healing practices for our practical, modern world.

I’m a spiritual medium (I know you just pictured Whoopi Goldberg from Ghost, didn’t you?) who uses aura photography to capture your energy field. Through my intuitive senses, I help you understand the meaning behind a simple, yet telling photo.

Senses of Spirit

For more than 16 years, I’ve studied and practiced mediumship. During that time, I’ve have the gift and honor of understanding that we are never truly alone. Our spirit guides and loved ones are always guiding and revealing clues to us during our everyday lives. Most of us are just too busy running around to notice them. And sometimes, we just need help connecting with them.

Here’s a secret - until recently, I’ve spent the better part of my 9-to-5 career in the corporate world. But the more I understood how my gifts could help people connect, validate and see a path forward, the more impossible it was to ignore how much that union is needed in our overstimulated lives today. My mission is to help you reveal and rediscover your true purpose.

If you’re still curious about connecting to that powerful guiding source, let’s chat!